I woke up this morning after three hours sleep, okay, my fault but Nick at Nite was running back to back episodes of The Nanny, so, really, who could blame me. I threw on a tee shirt and some jeans and went downstairs to have breakfast, but the only food in the house was a bag of cat crunchies for Rocky and some Italian sausage, which my dog, Adrian, laid claim to by nudging off the plate and dragging across the kitchen floor to his food bowl. I would’ve fought him for it, but the floor hasn’t been washed in a couple of months, which really isn’t my fault, since I’ve been sort’ve busy fighting crime, gorging on chocolate and obsessing over the two men in my life, one I’ve known since forever, and the other, relatively new and so illusive if I blink he’ll disappear but I digress.

It’s Saturday, so I don’t have to go into work. I’m a puff piece reporter for a local news station in my home town of South Philly, but lately I’ve gotten involved in some intense situations involving all kinds of murder and mayhem. Anyway, that’s all behind me now, so I’m just going to kick back today; maybe meet my friend, Johnny, at Chickie and Petes’s for some wings, head over to the shooting range with my ex-boyfriend, homicide detective Bobby DiCarlo, drive by Nick Santiago’s apartment building about a million times in hopes of casually running into him, (I know what you’re thinking and it’s NOT stalking. It’s a planned co-incidence) and have drinks at my brother Paul’s club with my best girlfriends, Franny and Janine. Not one scary, life-threatening thing on the agenda.

I tank up on caffeine, kiss the dog and cat goodbye, walk out my front door, and trip over the dead body lying on the sidewalk. Crap.

If you’d like to hang out, you can find me in the latest book in the “Brandy Alexander” mystery series, NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE. Currently, there are four books, and I heard a rumor that the author is working on a fifth, as we speak. The first book in the series is NO SUCH THING AS A SECRET.

Former Philadelphian, Shelly Fredman, is the creator of the Brandy Alexander mysteries, but it’s not really much of a stretch, since she takes most of her material from her own life okay, maybe not the hot guys and life-threatening situations, but definitely anything embarrassing that happens to Brandy, and her abysmal eating habits. Visit Shelly at www.nosuchthingas.com

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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