Why didn’t anyone tell me that not many of my classmates would come to this reunion? I understand in a way. It’s cold up here in Alaska and the cruise was rather pricy, but still–.

I certainly didn’t expect that the first former classmate I’d see on the ship would be my Aunt Sue, who used to be my Uncle Stu back in high school. I’m still not certain how many changes were made, but you know me—I’m not too curious—yeah, right.

Of course I’ve never gotten to any of my reunions before, but that was only because I went off to college and was busy when reunions came around. And then my husband and I lived a distance away. But he’s gone now. And I’m trying to rediscover myself. Who are you when you lose a spouse? For quite awhile I felt like half of a couple, an easel with the best leg broken off.

Now I’m finally starting to see who Cealie is again, and what do you know? I meet Gil Thurman. Sure, Gil is a hunk and my sometimes lover, but I’ve been trying to avoid him until I can rediscover myself, and I’m so close. Gil knows what he wants and goes after it. He wants me.

And that’s why I got really pissed when I saw him strolling up to me with that delicious body and smile and the Lido Deck after I’d told him I needed time away from him. But he came after me?

Ever since I’ve tried to avoid him so I could rediscover myself, he winds up opening a new Cajun restaurant in all the places I travel, and I am so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

He can’t be having his Cajun food onboard—can he? Good grief, that man is tempting.

So is my Aunt Sue’s figure, much tauter than mine. And my former friend Jane that I haven’t seen in years is so in shape. Good grief, will I need to start working out again? And do I really need to purchase these extra-high heels onboard? Someone could fall off them and get hurt.

And why is that guy from our class here—and why won’t former good friends share their problems?

Are they hiding secrets? Lies? Did I ever really know them at all?

And now people I meet and people I know start dying, and I realize I know some things that might stop others from being killed, including myself. But do I really know them?

Do those former friends really know me?

You can find out much more about me and Gil and Aunt Sue and the man who sends champagne and other secrets in June Shaw’s DEADLY REUNION, third book in her Cealie Gunther mysteries. The first book in the series is RELATIVE DANGER.

June Shaw lives along a lazy bayou in south Louisiana near her large family and other loved ones. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably catching trout or playing with grandkids or cheering on the N.O. Saints.

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