The Heirloom Murders by Kathleen Ernst is the second book in the “Chloe Ellefson” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, September 2011

Dying for a Legendary Diamond?

As collections curator for Old World Wisconsin, Chloe Ellefson delights in losing herself in antiques and folk traditions—and forgetting her messy love life. But her peace is destroyed when her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly turns up, followed by a break-in at her friend Dellyn’s historic house—a potential treasure trove of priceless antiques. Was the intruder hunting for the missing Eagle Diamond, a legendary gemstone unearthed in 1876?

When a grisly murder takes place on the museum grounds, Chloe is further drawn into a mystery involving a rare variety of Swiss cheese, a nearly extinct heirloom flower . . . and plain, old-fashioned murderous greed.

When Chloe agrees to help inventory a house full of collectibles, she learns about the history of the home and its occupants, especially about the missing Eagle Diamond. Someone wants the information contained in the collectibles and will do whatever it takes to purloin those records, including murder. What a story! This evenly-paced and action-filled tale takes place in the present with snippets from the past that lends itself in this nicely-done drama. I could not put this book down from the moment I finished the first chapter where the action was non-stop until the end. There were a lot of interwoven plots that moved the story along and kept me guessing throughout most of the book. With an intriguing plot, flashbacks to days gone by and a lovable cast of characters, this was a great and enjoyable read and I look forward to the next story in this wonderfully captivating series.

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