Moonlighting at the Mall by Evelyn David is the second short story in the “Sullivan Investigations” mystery series. Publisher: Evelyn David, December 2010

Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the Mall
A Thief was stealing jewelry
Time to give Mac Sullivan a call!

Twas the week before Christmas
And Edgar’s wearing elf green.
He’s trying to catch a crook.
Who doesn’t want to be seen.

Twas the week before Christmas
And time’s running out.
Will Sullivan Investigations succeed?
Hey, is there really any doubt?

Mac Sullivan, hardboiled ex-cop and newly-minted private detective, goes undercover as Santa Claus to find the mall thief who is brazenly robbing local jewelry stores. He’s got more help than he wants. His girlfriend Rachel Brenner, makeup artist in a funeral home, is a very convincing Mrs. Claus; septuagenarian Edgar is a less-believable Elf; and Whiskey, his Irish wolfhound, steals the show as Rudolph.

Moonlighting at the Mall is the perfect “short story” holiday whodunnit, with your favorite characters from Murder Off the Books and Murder Takes the Cake. Moonlighting at the Mall has a mystery to confound you, humor to make you laugh out loud, and a romance that doesn’t need any help from mistletoe.

Mac and his team are determined to put an end to the holiday hi-jinks by catching the robbers red-handed. This was a fun mystery caper with Mac, Rachel and the ever present Whiskey that will delight you with holiday cheers.

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