Ink, Red, Dead by Joanna Campbell Slan is the second short story in the “Kiki Lowenstein” mystery series. Publisher: Joanna Campbell Slan, December 2011

Things go from bad to worse when ace scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein visits a customer’s home, and discovers she’s a cat hoarder. Not only is the place swarming with felines, but there is a corpse in the freezer. Kiki refuses to believe that the scrapbooker was involved with her neighbor’s murder, and now her biggest problem is who dunnit?

Also includes a free gift of A Crafty Murder, a short-story collaboration by the Killer Hobby bloggers, and two recipes.

Kiki finds out that a friend is a cat hoarder and it gets worse when a body part in found in her freezer. Believing that her friend is not a killer, Kiki searches for clues that will point to the real murderer. This was a good storyline that casts a light on cat hoarders without being preachy. The mystery was quite good and I enjoyed seeing Kiki and her friends in this delightful short story.

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