Die Job by Lila Dare is the third book in the “Southern Beauty Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), January 2012

St. Elizabeth, Georgia, offers charm, Southern hospitality—and an occasional dollop of murder. Now, rumors that a local mansion is haunted are more real than ever when an amateur ghost-hunter comes upon something quite deadly.

High school senior Rachel Whitley things the field-trip idea—playing ghost hunter with her class in Rothmere mansion, where the spirit of a murdered plantation owner is said to still reside—is a lark. But instead of a ghost, Rachel stumbles upon fellow student Braden McCullers, sprawled out in the very spot where Cyril Rothmere died.

As Braden lingers in a coma, Rachel enlists the ladies of Violetta’s salon to investigate the attempt on his life—and unravel the secrets that somehow link a high school student with a centuries-old crime. The intrepid team of hairdressers find themselves in a tangled and treacherous mystery where the roots to the past are very ominous, indeed.

While chaperoning a group of high school students on a ghost-busting expedition, a student is seriously injured ala the same fate of the ghost there were looking to find. At the pleading of her co-worker, Grace agrees to looks into who would kill this young man. This was an okay read with a mystery that kept me guessing until the end. I love the setting and charming atmosphere of St. Elizabeth and it is always a pleasure to see Grace and her friends.

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