I’m excited about this gig in Athena. Dad is going to be so surprised when he sees me. As far as he knows I’m busy in L.A. going to auditions, meeting with producers – you know the drill. During our weekly phone call a couple of nights ago, I almost gave the game away, though, when he asked when I would have time for another visit home.

He’ll be thrilled; especially when he finds out I’m going to be in Athena the whole fall semester. I still can’t believe Connor recommended me for the temporary position, not given our history the past eight months. He’s volatile, up one minute, riding the clouds, the next he’s down, convinced he’ll never finish another play. That rollercoaster emotions thing is one reason I broke up with him. That, and the fact that he’s incredibly possessive. I had to think hard about accepting the job, knowing that he was going to be on hand the whole time, Mr. “Writer-in-Residence” Connor Lawton. He can be so pretentious you wouldn’t believe.

The chance to teach acting proved too strong an inducement, however. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity. I don’t have huge amounts of experience, though I certainly will have more than the beginning theater students at Athena College.

Well, I’m going to hope for the best. Dad and Sean will be there, and my darling kitty Diesel. I wish I could kidnap him and bring him back to L.A. with me at the end of the semester. But Dad would have my hide, of course. Sometimes I swear that cat is more like a third child to him than a pet.

I’m just rambling now, and that happens when I’m nervous and excited and ecstatic – and apprehensive. If only Connor will behave and not drive people absolutely bat-crap crazy. If he behaves his worst – and believe me, it’s pretty terrible – there’s no telling what could happen.

But maybe, just maybe, for once in his life he’ll behave….

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