When a nun leaves the convent, it’s called “jumping the wall.” There really was a wall at the Motherhouse—that’s the place where young nuns get trained and old nuns go to die—but I just walked out the door when I left.

I thought that would be it, you know. After ten years in the convent and another eighteen months back in the real world, I’d pretty much dealt with all the “divorced from God” baggage. My job helped: I work for Driscoll Investigations. I started out as an admin, which was better than waitressing: no chance to drop a whole pile of enchilada-filled plates and get fired. When the boss asked for my help with Bible-crazed stalker case, things changed. The stalker targeted me, but after we solved that case, Frank (my boss) promoted me to partner-in-training.

That brings me to our current case, and why I’m wearing a habit and back in the convent again.

Not permanently, thank Heaven. When I left, I left with no regrets and zero desire to rethink the decision. I’m here undercover, to see why a Novice killed herself—if it was suicide and not murder.

I bet you thought the convent was like the movies Sister Act or The Sound of Music. Sorry, but those are fiction. This is real life.

What I miss most about the real world is my boss, Frank. Because, well, he’s a little bit more than my boss. No lectures about office romances, please! If there’s one talent I have, it’s a strong work ethic. I am quite capable of keeping my work and personal lives in their proper places. It takes work, though, because he dresses like a classic movie detective and is very easy on the eyes.

I also miss our admin, all-natural, whole-health Sidney. She’s perky and fun and always makes me smile. Her family runs an alpaca farm and writes the corniest earworm jingles ever. The Motherhouse could use a dozen Sidneys. She sure could make this undercover job less hellish, and I use that word in the true sense. Because there’s something really off-kilter here. I have to find out what it is in the next two days, or two things could happen: My former Superior General (aka The Puppet Master) pushes me too far and I say some things I regret.

The other possibility is my old rival, Sister Mary Stephen, will paw through my underwear at the wrong time, and I catch her at it. She’s jealous of my sexy, lacy underthings (the first “real world” clothes I bought after I jumped the wall). A catfight in the convent: Not what the job calls for. Too bad I’m playing the perfect, obedient nun. But I can only be pushed so far…

You can read more about Giulia in BACK IN THE HABIT, the second book in the “Falcone & Driscoll Investigation” mystery series. The first book in the series is Force of Habit.

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Meet the author:
Alice Loweecey is a former nun who went from the convent to playing prostitutes on stage to accepting her husband’s marriage proposal on the second date. A contributor to BuddyHollywood.com, she is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. She lives with her family in Western New York. Force of Habit was her first novel. Her website is http://aliceloweecey.net

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