Dying To Sell by Maggie Sefton. January 2012

Real estate agent Kate Doyle knew divorce was messy, but she didn’t expect it to be bloody. Kate agrees to sell the home of old friends who’re locked in a bitter divorce. She’s hoping the upscale house will be an easy sell in the Colorado college town. But her hopes turn to horror when she walks into the lawyer-client’s study to find him brutally murdered—stabbed in the throat. “A crime of passion,” says Kate’s police detective brother-in-law. The prime suspect is Kate’s close friend, the spurned wife, who begs Kate to help her.

Kate’s meddling turns up some surprising suspects. The successful lawyer deceived numerous ex-lovers as well as his wife. He’d also played off one land developer against another, dangling a choice tract of land as bait. Businesses were ruined and fortunes lost. Had the loser taken revenge on the wily lawyer? Or had an ex-lover killed in jealous rage? Kate’s real estate license helps her dig into the scheming lawyer’s dealings as she sifts clues from cyberspace to crawl space. Unfortunately, her snooping tempts the killer to exercise his own license—to kill.

This fast-moving, page turning drama immediately grabbed my attention from the first opening line, as I could not put this book down. The author did a good job at keeping me guessing with the many plot twists and palpable suspense surrounding this whodunit. With a great storyline, likable characters and a strong heroine, this novel was suspense-fully enjoyable.

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