Mick Abruzzo’s Story by Nancy Martin is a prequel to the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries. Publisher: BookBaby, February 2012

In this short story, Michael Abruzzo is on the edge of a big decision—go back into the Abruzzo family or try making a life of his own. When his father’s emissary brings Mick a contract, he sets out to learn exactly what happened to a promising young doctor who was killed by a drug dealer. Mick’s investigation takes him from the mansions of the Main Line to the dangerous neighborhoods of Philadelphia where he meets old friends and meets some of the quirky characters author Nancy Martin is known for. Readers of the popular Blackbird Sisters will enjoy this peek into the past. And reading the rest of the books in the series will never be the same.

WOW! I love it. So, this was how they met. This short story is a look back at how Mick met Nora and I can sense the romance yet to come. This was a great read and I’m so happy that a new book is forthcoming.

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