Reap What You Sew by Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the sixth book in the “Southern Sewing Circle” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), April 2012

Is movie madness enough to drive one of the members of South Carolina’s Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle to cold-blooded murder?

Tori Sinclair has found a sense of home with the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle. During their get-togethers, she can relax with her sewing and listen in on Sweet Briar’s latest gossip.

But when the town is chosen to be the setting of Warren Shoemaker’s movie, the sewing circle gets caught up in bigger drama. With dreams of stardom, everyone is hoping to be cast as an extra—which lucky Tori is. But fame has its price, as they learn when Anita Belise, the film’s leading actress, is found murdered.

When suspicion falls on a member of the sewing circle, Tori must work to uncover the truth—not only to catch a killer, but to keep their tight-knit group from being torn to shreds.

What a great read. This series gets better with time and I treasure the time I spend with the lovely characters from Sweet Briar, South Carolina. In this caper, Leona, Margaret Louise and Tori face trouble when a harmless, but delectable mission results in the death of a visiting actress. Tori knows they are innocent of any wrongdoing, so with the help of the sewing circle, set out to unmask the real killer. This book invoke so many emotions while I’m visiting with my friends—joy, warmth, worry, happiness and sadness when I close the book because I know I’ll have to wait a couple of months before my next visit. This well-written and lighthearted mystery was very enjoyable as the killer was in plain sight and I didn’t see it until they were exposed. This character-driven tale boasts a strong and close-knit cast, a wonderful small-town feel and great interaction and conversations. I always feel like I’m sitting there with the circle working on my quilts. This is the best one yet in this delightfully amazing and entertaining series and I eagerly await my next visit with the women of Sweet Briar.

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