Got up,
fed the cat,
made breakfast for Bill and the boys,
saw Bill off to work,
drove the boys to school,
ran errands.

Home for lunch,
did dishes,
did laundry,
stumbled across a mystery,
sought advice from the late Dimity Westwood,
aka Aunt Dimity,
who communicates from beyond the grave by writing in a blue leather-bound journal,
solved mystery,
picked the boys up from school,
made dinner,
enjoyed a quiet evening at home,
went to bed.

Send a silent thank-you to Aunt Dimity,
made a mental list of things to do tomorrow,
and fell asleep,
tired but content.

All in all,
a pretty good day.

Meet the author
Nancy Atherton lives and writes in Colorado Springs. AUNT DIMITY AND THE VILLAGE WITCH, the sixteenth book in her AUNT DIMITY series of cozy mysteries, will be published in April 2012. Nancy and her cats hope you like it. Visit Nancy at

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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