Thank goodness Mrs. Goodge had a nice pot of tea brewed when I came into the kitchen. I’d not slept much as this case had me tossing and turning all night. Perhaps this morning I will have a breakthrough in my mental faculties and come to some sort of conclusion about what’s what in this case and who the real guilty party is.

The tea was lovely and after we had our morning meeting, I sent the others off with a cheery smile before skulking off to the garden to have a quiet think on my own. Honestly, getting involved in a case where my own sister-in-law is a suspect has me flummoxed! I think Mrs. Goodge and Wiggins are upset because I’d never mentioned that I had family in London. I don’t know why their noses are so out of joint, I hardly consider Fiona ‘family’ – she’s just an in-law and not one that I care for greatly. To put it bluntly, we have a bit of history and it’s not pleasant. Nonetheless, justice dictates that we all do our best to find the truth.

Of course, the real question remains: who on earth wanted to murder Ronald Dearman? Actually, considering what we’ve learned about the victim, it’s not surprising that a good number of people wished him gone, but which one of them did the actual deed? His staff feared him, his wife loathed him and despite his upper class connections, his personal habits made him somewhat of a social pariah. But even with all his shortcomings as a human being, he didn’t deserve to be murdered. No one does.

The cool, damp air in the garden has cleared my head and even better, it’s given me some good ideas about how to proceed. When Constable Barnes stops in tomorrow morning, there are a few details that I need him to clarify and I must remember to ask the Inspector about the house-to-house. Gracious, there’s so much to do and we’ve so little time. Oh dear, it’s starting to rain. I’d better hurry, though, if I’m to get all the way to St. Thomas Hospital and back here before our afternoon meeting. It’s imperative I speak with Dr. Bosworth about the size of the fatal wound!

This walk has done me the world of good, I can see the solution, now I just have to come up with a clever way to insure the Inspector can ‘solve’ the case.

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