It’s Shop Hop Season. This is when quilters race miles and miles to visit upwards of twenty quilt shops in four days, in order to win prizes. Of all the weird things quilters do, going on a Shop Hop has to be up there in the top ten.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Before I, Dewey Pellicano, inherited my mother’s quilt shop, Quilter’s Paradiso, I thought quilters were weird. Why would anyone spend time cutting up perfectly good fabric? My circle of friends spent our time hunched over a keyboard, not a sewing machine. We spent hours and hours with computer code, not needle and thread. Quilting was something our parents did.

Everything changed for me when I began running QP. I was thrust into a world that was very different than I’d imagined. Many of the quilters are wonderful family treasures. Who else do you know that would spend their time and money on a quilt for a stranger whose child is in the Neonatal hospital? Or who would spend hours and hours making a quilt for a snotty-nosed grandkid that might end up using it to lay on to change the oil in his car?

My customers are creative. Some were wildly talented. The quilts that come through the doors of QP are amazing.

But these quilters also have verve, and wit. A few even have swagger. I love chatting with my customers. They make me laugh everyday.

Of course because quilters are human too, they get into trouble. They get involved in drugs and fraud and even murder on. That’s where I come in. It seems law enforcement has seen too many Charmin commercials. They think quilters sit around a quilt frame all day long, smiling at each other. I have to set them straight.

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Shop Hop season has begun. To find out what I had to deal with on this year’s Hop, pick up a copy of MONKEY WRENCH at a quilt shop (or bookstore or online, of course) near you. If you go on a Hop, I hope you win the Grand Prize.

Meet the author
Terri Thayer is a quilter and the author of seven mystery novels. MONKEY WRENCH is the latest addition to the Quilting Mystery series, which also includes WILD GOOSE CHASE, OLD MAID’S PUZZLE, OCEAN WAVES. The Stamping Sisters series from Berkley Prime Crime includes STAMPED OUT, INKED UP, and FALSE IMPRESSIONS. She lives in Northern California with her Bernina and a stash of fabric.

You can find her online on Facebook and on Twitter. Her latest endeavor is an online web serial, TALES OF THE QUILT SHOP, which includes a free Block of the Month, SUGARPLUMS, at

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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