Murder for Choir by Joelle Charbonneau is the first book in the new “Glee Club” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, July 2012

This glee competition is killer…

Even as a struggling opera singer, Paige Marshall has never seen anything like the cutthroat competition of the Prospect Glen High School show choir. As their new coach, she’s getting an icy reception from championship-hungry students who doubt she can take them to a first-place victory. Toughing this gig out may prover harder than scoring her big break.

Especially now that her best young male singer is suspected of killing the arrogant coach of Prospect Glen’s fiercest rival choir. For Paige to clear his name, she’ll have to sort through a chorus of suspects—and go note for note with a killer who’ll do anything to knock her out of the spotlight for good.

When Paige finds their chief rival’s dead body — evidence points to her most prized young singer. Believing in his innocence, Paige sets out to tip the scale in the right direction by finding the killer. This was a fun read that entertained me from the start to the tantalizing conclusion. This easy flowing and well-written whodunit quickly became a page-turner as I could not put down this book. With a great plot, the mystery kept me guessing as the case came to fruition. Paige is a determined and likable character with a supporting cast that includes her aunt Millie who is hilarious. This is a wonderful entry into the cozy genre and I can’t wait for my next visit with Paige and her friends in this delightfully enjoyable debut series.

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