Summer Lightning in Lottawatah by Evelyn David is the ninth book in the “Brianna Sullivan” mystery series. August 2012

Summer Lightning in Lottawatah is the ninth book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries ebook series. A novella-length story, Summer Lightning in Lottawatah continues the spooky, yet funny saga of reluctant psychic Brianna Sullivan who planned to travel the country in her motor home looking for adventure, but unexpectedly ended up in a small town in Oklahoma.

In Summer Lightning in Lottawatah, Brianna fights to save her fiancée Cooper Jackson from Murder One charges. Unexpectedly she finds herself teamed up with Sassy Jackson, her none too thrilled mother-in-law-to-be. The unlikely pair risk life and limb to discover who framed Cooper for the murder of an ex-con. When everything in her life seems to be falling apart, it’s up to Brianna to learn which mortals and which ghosts can be trusted to tell the truth. Big changes ahead. Will life in Lottawatah ever be the same?

There’s always something happening in Lottawatah and this time it is Cooper who’s up the creek…in jail accused of murdering an old nemesis and it’s up to Brianna and Sassy, yes Sassy, to find the killer and clear Cooper’s name.

What an exciting chapter in the world of Brianna. This was a fast-paced and action-filled drama that kept me turning the pages in this riveting tale. This was a good read and I especially loved the scenes with Brianna and Sassy as they nose around for evidence and get themselves into a little trouble. This is one series that keeps me coming back for more adventures with the zany and lovable people in small town Lottawatah. Brianna is such a great character and I love how she is planting roots in a town that she was just passing through. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Brianna and her friends in this terrific series.

Evelyn David is the pseudonym for Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett.

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