Before our parents ran off with our trust funds, Daddy and Mama threw their last champagne party on the lawn of Blackbird Farm—a shindig so extravagant that it stunned all their friends . . . long enough for our parents to pick their pockets. Now they are dancing their way across South America one mambo contest at a time, while my sisters Libby and Emma and I, Nora Blackbird, have been forced to get jobs for the first time in our pampered lives.

I’m the society columnist for a Philadelphia rag, and I spend most of my nights reporting on everything from gala charity balls to chic cocktails parties with both Old Money and New Money sets. My blue-blooded background always gets me past the velvet rope and into the inner circles, and I frequently rub elbows with the rich and infamous.

Trouble is, I somehow manage to find a few dead aristocrats among the live ones, and I end up trying to solve mysteries . . . just one step ahead of the police.

Why are the police so interested in me? Well, my love life has been mugged by the son of New Jersey’s most notorious mob boss, and Michael Abruzzo is always one of the usual suspects when crime takes place. The police seem to think my lover is at the bottom of most criminal acts, but I know he’s more likely causing a commotion in my bed than anywhere else.

Meanwhile, my sisters drive me crazy, and I’m desperately trying to keep my ancestral home from falling down around my ears. I wear my Grandmama Blackbird’s vintage couture, and I know a thing or two about the good life. I just wish I still had a smidgen of it back.

But life is never dull on Blackbird Farm, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read about our adventures–starting with How To Murder a Millionaire—before getting to the 8th book in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series, NO WAY TO KILL A LADY, in stores August 7.

Check out this short video Michael sent:

Meet the author
Nancy Martin is the author of nearly 50 pop fiction novels including the Roxy Abruzzo mystery series and the best-selling, award-winning Blackbird Sisters Mysteries. She lives in Pennsylvania and saw Mick Abruzzo once in a diner, but was too astonished to speak to him. Find Nancy on Facebook or see her fashion pins on Pinterest.

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