Good Day to Ye, Lords and Ladies! I am Lady Jessie Morton of the Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace in the town of Myrtle Beach and state of South Carolina. I am here to regale you with tales of what my life might be like on a given day.

I won’t bore you with tales of my humdrum life as an associate history professor at the University of South Carolina. I’m certain you are looking for excitement, fun, and even magic! In Renaissance Village, we have it all!

I live with Bailiff Chase Manhattan – a large, well-endowed former knight who now is judge, jury and punisher at the Village. He can ban people from the faire or he can give them over for vegetable justice.

Vegetable justice is an unpleasant punishment. It is meted out by the public with squishy vegetables whilst the accused is in the stocks. Believe me, it’s as bad for the punisher who must clean up after as it is for the punished!

I am usually found working as an apprentice in some craft found here. I have learned to make arrows, and some say I am the best archer at the faire. I have learned to make Gullah baskets, glass art, swords, and hats, amongst other things.

This year, it is my privilege to be at the Ren Faire during the holidays. I am apprenticed to a master toy-maker and looking forward to learning from him. He might be known by other names outside. Here we call him Father Christmas.

He is a philanderer. Sad, but true. I hope nothing untoward happens to him.

On Sunday nights, there is a Great Feast. Queen Olivia and King Harold welcome everyone on that night to partake of wine, song, jousting and little chickens on a platter. It is a night not to be forgotten!

My friends at the Faire include shopkeepers like Mrs. Potts who makes very nice tea and ginger cookies. I am quite good friends with many of the monks at the Monastery Bakery who make the best coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I am on good terms with Robin Hood and many of his Merry Men who live in the five acre woods and sometimes steal toaster ovens. The pirates, who sail the good ship Queen’s Revenge on Mirror Lake, can be a little difficult – especially their king (who I once had a thing for).

And there’s Merlin, the master of magic! He’s also the CEO for the parent company that owns the Faire – Adventureland, but that isn’t commonly known. Most simply know him as the whacky wizard who lives with the stuffed moose head and can’t keep his robe closed.

Yet it is all in good fun, lords and ladies, as you can clearly see. Come and join me for a meal at The Lady in the Lake Tavern or the Pleasant Pheasant. Spend a day with us and you will share our excitement. Huzzah!

Lady Jessie Morton

You can read more about Jessie in Treacherous Toys, the fifth book in the “Renaissance Faire” mystery series. The first book in the series is Wicked Weaves.

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