Room At The Inn by L.L. Bartlett is the 5th book in the “Jeff Resnick” mystery series. Publisher: L.L. Bartlett, September 2012

Jeff Resnick is definitely out of his element when he and Maggie take a working vacation at a quaint Vermont inn. For most people, the chance to spend time with a beautiful woman in a romantic, isolated setting would be a plus, but the moment Jeff crosses the Sugar Maple Inn’s threshold, his sixth sense warns him that someone is about to meet a violent death.

His anxiety intensifies when he travels on one of the local roads and he is nearly overwhelmed by feelings of impending doom. Ultimately, Jeff can only find respite in his brother Richard’s presence and it is only after one of the inn’s guests is murdered that Richard reluctantly becomes a third wheel on Jeff and Maggie’s trip. With their own lives at stake, Jeff, Maggie, and Richard must use all their wits and skill to bring a ruthless killer to justice. And if they don’t, one of them might just become the next victim.

A freelance assignment has both Jeff and Maggie traveling to Stowe, Vermont to photograph an inn that belongs to a classmate of Maggie. Upon arriving at the inn, Jeff sensed something sinister and when tragedy struck, Jeff knows he’ll need all the help he can get to avoid an early check-out.

L.L. has done it again, she’s written a great book that I could not put down and devoured from beginning to end. The mystery was good as it kept me guessing throughout most of this suspense-fully written drama. The action never stopped in this gripping tale of murder and mayhem and I applaud the author in delivering a fantastically riveting read. I can’t wait for the next book in this exciting and wonderful series.

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