Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine is the 11th book in the “Jaine Austen” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington Books, August 2012

Jaine is the cops’ number one suspect when her witch of a neighbor, Cryptessa Muldoon, is found stabbed to death on Halloween night with her own Do Not Trespass sign. Will Jaine exonerate herself and find the true killer? Will she win the affections of a hottie new neighbor up the street? And most important, will she make it through the night without eating all her Halloween candy?

Jaine once again triumph in the face of danger in the delightfully entertaining whodunit. This is such a great story with Jaine trying to find a killer, go on on date with the hunky new neighbor, and read the email interplay between her parents. This is a laugh out loud riot from the beginning to an ending befitting Jaine. As always I can’t wait to read the next adventures with Jaine and see what she gets into next.

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