Broke by Kaye George is the third book in the “Imogene Duckworthy” mystery series. October 2012

Imogene Duckworthy is twenty-two and has a job (PI assistant) and a new car (used). She loves her mother, but it’s time she was on her own.

The problem is her daughter Nancy Drew Duckworthy’s pet potbelly. Not a lot of rentals in Wymee Falls will permit a pig, even one as cute and charming as Marshmallow. Jersey Shorr of Shorr Realty manages to find something, but there are rumors that the house is haunted. Immy tells herself she doesn’t believe in ghosts. She signs the contract and plans to move in before Halloween.

What she doesn’t plan on is the very real, very dead body in the bathtub. And the fact that the most logical murder suspect is her Uncle Dewey, fresh out of prison. Immy can’t allow her long-lost relative to be railroaded for a crime he (possibly) didn’t commit, can she?

I love reading about Imogene Duckworthy and her family. In the latest installment, she moves into a new home and defends her recently-discovered uncle when he is accused of murder. This was a fun read and I enjoyed my visit with Immy as she tackles her uncle’s case and the incidences that seem to be happening around her new home. The author did a good job in keeping me on my toes as I wanted to know what happens next in this quirky romp in Saltlick and Wymee Falls, Texas. It was good to see her mother, her adorable four-year daughter and the stable presence of her friend Ralph. I hope there are more adventures to come with Immy and the gang.

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