Author Showcase ~ The Big Bang by Linda Joffe Hull

Fans of Weeds and Desperate Housewives have a new cast of characters to fall in love with…

At Melody Mountain Ranch, the local residents are too busy with home shopping parties, Fundamentalism-Light, and each other’s business to notice their superficially well-constructed houses are literally rotting beneath them. Secret affairs, teen witchcraft, and a power-hungry homeowner’s board have their personal lives deconstructing even faster.

On Wonderland Valley Way, interior decorator Hope Jordan is desperate for a baby. As Hope struggles, her neighbors Will Pierce-Cohn, a stay-at-home dad and community activist, Frank Griffin, a minister-cum-homeowner’s board president, and Tim Trautman, a soon-to-be father of five, jockey for her attentions.

When Hope inadvertently eats hash-laced brownies at the playground ribbon-cutting gala/Memorial Weekend poolside potluck, she falls into the arms of one of her three wanna-be paramours. When she erdiscovers she’s pregnant and tries to piece together what happened, with whom, and what to do about it, the homes on her cul-de-sac begin to crack and sink. Hope and h neighbors appear to be stuck in a hell of their own making.

In this dark and witty satire, Linda Hull pulls back the curtain and exposes the secrets of not-so-blissful suburban life.

Publisher: Tyrus Books

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Meet the author
Linda is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, but currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband and three children. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers where she has served as President, Treasurer, Conference Chair, and a host of other positions.

When she’s not schlepping the kids to a variety of activities, Linda is hard at work on the next novel.

You can also find Linda on Facebook and at her website.

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  1. Wow! This book sounds great! I can’t wait!

  2. Sounds intriguing!

  3. thanks for the chance to read this novel 🙂

  4. Carol Kuettner

    Sounds interesting, will have to read thw whole book.

  5. This books sounds awesome. Great giveaway!!

  6. My wife and I were both huge fans of Weeds so we’re right in the ballpark for this one. It sounds really funny. Thanks for making a copy available. I’d love to win it.

  7. Wow – I’m glad I don’t live there, but what a fun idea for a book!!! grammyd01 (at) comcast (dot) net

  8. I love dark and witty satires.

  9. Can this be termed “habitat noir”? Put in the giveaway. Thanks. judydee22002@yahoo dot com

  10. sign me up…this book looks like fun.

  11. This book is a bit different than what I usually pick up. But, I loved “Desperate Housewives” so this could be a real winner. I’ve got it on my book list. Thanks for the post and the review!
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  12. contest is closed.