by Amanda Lee

In my latest adventure, THREAD ON ARRIVAL, I meet the nicest little old man named Chester. He’s so concerned about the welfare of his family. You see, his son Adam is abusive toward his daughter-in-law. He’s abusive to Chester too, but Chester feels he deserves it. How sad is that?! Anyway, Mary—the daughter-in-law—wants to get her daughter and Chester out of the abusive environment, but Chester refuses to leave. He’s terrified someone will steal his antique tapestry. Mary enlists my help in convincing Chester that the tapestry isn’t worth stealing.

When I visit Chester and look at the tapestry, he confides to me that Adam and Mary are always fighting over financial issues, and he hopes the tapestry might solve their money problems. I can tell right away that the tapestry is very old—probably dating as far back as the U.S. Civil War. Chester tells me that his grandmother made the tapestry and that it’s actually a map leading to the treasure of the Delia, a ship that sank off the coast of Tallulah Falls. I find it hard to believe that the tapestry actually leads to a treasure, but I humor Chester and find myself holding on to the tapestry until Chester is assured he’s in a secure place.

That afternoon, police were supposed to provide an escort for Chester, Mary, and Melanie to leave the house. When they go to pick up Chester, they find him dead. I’m so distraught I don’t know what to do! I mentioned the “treasure map” to a trusted friend at MacKenzies’ Mochas, and that spiteful Keira who works there overheard. Now I’m afraid I might have inadvertently caused Chester’s death!

I can’t bring Chester back, of course, but I can help him leave a legacy for his grandchild. I’m determined to explore the possibility that there is a sunken treasure off the coast of Tallulah Falls. If that treasure can be found, it could at least provide Melanie with a college education. I think Chester would be happy about that, don’t you?

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Thread On Arrival is the fifth book in the Marcy Singer embroidery mystery series. Amanda Lee, who also writes as Gayle Trent, passes along the juicy tidbit that in this book Marcy finally makes her choice between Todd and Ted. Please visit Amanda/Gayle online at her website, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Goodreads. Please also visit Gayle at Killer Characters on the 12th of each month and at Fatal Foodies each Friday.

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