Dead_SuiteDead Suite by Wendy Roberts is the 4th book in the “Ghost Dusters” mystery series. Publisher: InterMix (Penguin), February 2013

Crime scene cleaner Sadie Novak has been blessed with the gift of second sight. But with ghosts of murder victims always popping up when she’s trying to work, her blessing sometimes seems more like a curse.

With business slow, her mortgage payment looming, and her relationship with on-again off-again boyfriend Zack somewhere in limbo, Sadie could use a drink and a little rejuvenating R&R. But when women start getting killed in fancy hotels, Sadie suddenly finds herself back to work and her business back in the black.

Posh hotels are much nicer accommodations than her usual crime scenes, but soon perks turn to peril and Sadie gets caught in the killer’s web. Now, Sadie has to figure out the identity of the Seattle Slasher, before he comes for her next.

This was a good read with a mystery that kept me turning the pages to see what happens next. Having read an excerpt from the next book, I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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