These are the May books on my reading list. Will I get to read them all, that is the question. What’s on your reading list?

Week of May 1
Death’s Last Run [Clare Vengel #3] by Robin Spano

Week of May 6
Topped Chef [Key West Food Critic #3] by Lucy Burdette
The Begonia Bribe [Garden Society #2] by Alyse Carlson
Long Lost [Kate Burkholder #1.5] by Linda Castillo
Cat Nap [Sunny & Shadow #2] by Claire Donally
Angora Alibi [Seaside Knitters #7] by Sally Goldenbaum

Dead Ever After [Sookie Stackhouse #13] by Charlaine Harris
Dead, White, and Blue [Death on Demand #23] by Carolyn Hart
Heard it Through the Grapevine [Dead Sister Talking #1] by Lizbeth Lipperman, new series
Brush with Death [Gray Whale Inn #5] by Karen MacInerney
Kneading to Die [Pawsitively Organic #1] by Liz Mugavero, new series

Gluten for Punishment [Baker’s Treat #1] by Nancy Parra, new series
Every Broken Trust [Skeet Bannion #2] by Linda Rodriguez
Silken Prey [Lucas Davenport #23] by John Sandford
Hex on the Ex [Mind for Murder #3] by Rochelle Staab
The Cat, the Mill and the Murder [Cats in Trouble #5] by Leann Sweeney

Board Stiff [Dead End Job #11] by Elaine Viets
Picture Perfect Corpse [Kiki Lowenstein #6] by Joanna Campbell Slan

Week of May 13
A Thyme to Die [Peggy Lee Garden ] by Joyce and Jim Lavene
Yip Tuck [Pampered Pets #4] by Sparkle Abbey
Double Whammy [Davis Way #1] by Gretchen Archer, new series
Lucky Bastard [Lucky O’Toole #4] by Deborah Coonts
Kickout Clause [Savannah Martin #6] by Jenna Bennett

Week of May 20
Smarty Bones [Sarah Booth Delaney #13] by Carolyn Haines
Still Life in Brunswick Stew [Cherry Tucker #2] by Larrisa Reinhart
Drop Dead Beauty [Ghost Dusters #5] by Wendy Roberts

Week of May 27
You Cannoli Die Once [Italian Restaurant #1] by Shelley Costa, new series
A Tine To Live, A Tine to Die [Local Foods #1] by Edith Maxwell, new series

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