shadows wedingMaggie Summer glanced at the clock in her old red van.

About seven hours to go. I hoped I’d brought enough Diet Pepsi to keep me awake.

My colleagues at Somerset Community College – the ones who’d agreed to take my classes this week – thought I was crazy to both teach and run an antique print business that took me to antique shows and auctions all over the north east. But they don’t know the half of it. Those parts of my life I had under control. It’s my personal life that’s keeping me up late these days.

Now, I think every unmarried woman feels a few twinges about going to a wedding, even if the wedding is her best friend’s. And here I am, on my way to give some emotional and physical aid and assistance to my best friend in all the world, who’d finally decided to tie the knot. So there’s that.

But Gussie’d chosen a great guy, and I was really and truly happy for her. I’ll admit I was also relieved that she’d have someone by her side who loved her, especially since her post-polio syndrome was making her life more difficult every year, although she never wanted to admit it.

I took another swig of Pepsi as I slowed down in the traffic waiting to cross the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Gussie’d made a major decision for her life, and I was happy for her. Definitely. And maybe a little jealous.

But what about me? Where was my life going?

In the past two months I’d made a major decision, too. A very different decision. One I hadn’t told anyone about. Not Gussie. Not even Will, the man in my life. I told myself I didn’t want to bother him when he’s been dealing with his own set of changes; he’s just sold his home in Buffalo and moved to Maine to take care of his aging Aunt Nettie.

I love Will. I’m fond of Aunt Nettie. But…

I stomped on the brake harder than I had to.

I couldn’t put it off any longer. Before I left the Cape I had to talk to Gussie. And Will. I had to tell them. And I had to deal with whatever their reactions would be.

Before I drove back to New Jersey. Alone.

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This post is a “prequel” of Lea Wait’s latest book, Shadows on A Cape Cod Wedding: An Antique Print Mystery, the sixth in her Shadows Antique Print Mystery series, which begins when Maggie arrives on Cape Cod.

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Lea lives in Maine, is herself an antique print dealer, and Shadows at the Fair, the first in the Shadows series was nominated for a “best first mystery” Agatha. Lea also writes historical novels for ages 8-14 set in 19th century Maine. She invites readers to check her website,, to friend her on Facebook, and to check the blog she writes with other Maine mystery writers,

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