body in piazza“Faith Fairchild was drunk. Soused, sloshed, schnockered, pickled, potted, and looped—without a single sip of alcohol having crossed her lips. She was drunk on Rome. Intoxicating, inebriating Rome.”

This is how Katherine Hall Page has described me in the first sentences of her new book The Body in the Piazza (April 2013) and I have to admit it is accurate! That day we arrived— and the days that followed—however, were not my typical ones. Those are spent in Aleford, Massachusetts, a small town West of Boston keeping hearth, home and job together as wife of the Reverend Thomas Fairchild, mother of almost teen Ben plus tween, Amy, and the owner of Have Faith Caterers.

Yes, I was intoxicated by the Eternal City, but also by this rare trip alone with Tom, a significant anniversary trip. My plan was to indulge in many panini, panna cottas and a whole lot of prosecco while taking in the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum and other high points before heading north to a cooking school in Tuscany for a week of classes and trips to market villages under sunny skies. As often happens, the best laid plans…

In this case, we were heading back to the hotel after a romantic dinner when a man we knew was murdered right before our eyes in the Piazza Farnese. Everything changed in a split second and of course I had to spend the rest of the trip finding out who had committed this heinous act. In one of life’s eerie coincidences, many of my suspects turned up at the cooking school. Soon I was getting to know an Italy few tourists, fortunately, do—a darker one with a trail more twisted than fusili—one that put both my beloved and me in peril.

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Meet the author
in your kitchen1Katherine Hall Page is the Agatha award winning author of the Faith Fairchild mystery series. The Body in the Piazza is the 21st. She has also written for young adults and her series cookbook, Have Faith in Your Kitchen is available. Visit Katherine at her or on Facebook. She loves to hear from readers.


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