Curse of the PTACurse of the PTA by Laura Alden is the fourth book in the “PTA” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, April 2013

As the new PTA president, Beth Kennedy wants to make a difference in the lives of the students and faculty at Tarver Elementary. But with a killer on the loose, staying alive is the first order of business.

With the book sales from their Story Project, the PTA has come into some money. Now they just have to decide how to spend it. With different factions vying for their own interests, Beth brings in financial consultant Dennis Halpern. But before they can come to a resolve, Dennis comes to his final end—shot to death right in the school.

With the doors to the building unlocked, virtually anyone could have done the deed. And they soon discover that Dennis had plenty of secrets. Now locals are whispering that the PTA is cursed, and it’s up to Beth to catch the killer before she gets cashed out.

This is a good read that I enjoyed from beginning to end. As always Beth tries to do the right thing but gets caught up in another murder investigation. The author did a good job in keeping me guessing as the search for a killer narrow towards their identity. With an eccentrically quirky cast of characters, a strong plot and good dialogue, this is a delightfully entertaining read and I can’t wait for the next happenings in Rynwood.

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