Picture Perfect CorpsePicture Perfect Corpse by Joanna Campbell Slan is the sixth book in the “Kiki Lowenstein” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, May 2013

Police detective Chad Detweiler is overjoyed to learn he’s having a baby with Kiki Lowenstein. But when his estranged wife, Brenda, is found shot to death with bullets from his revolver, the proud papa-to-be finds himself up the creek without a lawyer. Meanwhile, Kiki and Dodie Goldfader are in for a surprise when an unidentified young woman bursts into their craft store claiming to have killed Dodie’s son. Embarking on a memorial scrapbook project as a ruse to unravel the facts, Kiki can’t stop herself from wondering if the man she loves is tangled up in murder.

I love this series, if not for the lead protagonist, Kiki Lowenstein, but also for the social issues that are deeply woven into wonderfully crafted storyline. In the latest drama, Chad is accused of killing his soon-to-be ex-wife when his gun casings are found near her body. Kiki believing in his innocence stands by him while both she and a hot shot lawyer searches for answers. I also liked that finally Kiki stood up for herself as well. In addition to that, Kiki has to deal with losing her beloved friend/boss, her upcoming pregnancy and a situation between Anya and her best friend which all comes to a head in a climatic finale, that I did not see coming. This is a great read with characters you can’t help but love that takes you on a journey that will warm the cockles of your heart and leave you eager for the next book in this delightfully charming and character-driven series.

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