Mayhem At Orient ExpressA day in the life, that’s what I’m supposed to be writing about today and truth is, it should be easy. But here’s the thing. There’s the life I thought I’d be leading. And then there’s the life I ended up with.

The one I thought I had planned out for myself went something like this . . .

I would wrap up my life in Manhattan without a whole lot of fanfare. My attorney there would take care of the details: selling the condo, forwarding mail, handling any questions that might arise. And me? I’d wing my way to South Bass Island, a vacation paradise three miles off the Ohio coast in Lake Erie, where I’d just purchased a monstrosity of a Victorian house and turned it into Bea & Bees, the island’s premier inn. I would spend my days reading, relaxing, and taking care of the needs of my guests, and thanks to all the hard work I’d done back in NYC, I’d have staff to help–cooks who would take care of breakfast, cleaners to do the grunt work. That would leave me to play hostess, and believe me, I can smile and be gracious with the best of ‘em.

It all sounds terrific, doesn’t it? But then, plans always do. Of course, there’s that old saying about the best laid plans and in this case, it came true in spades.

Sure, I left Manhattan just like I said I would.

And yes, I restored that big ol’ Victorian house to perfection.

As for the relaxing, the reading, and the part about being the perfect hostess . . .well, I should have known better than to count my gracious-living chickens before they hatched. You see, when I was planning, I never in my wildest dreams figured in the part about crazy neighbors.

Yet here I am on South Bass island handling the cranky neighbor across the street who thinks my renovations have resulted in too much traffic. And the out-there-in-woo-woo-land lady next door who burns incense and plays sitar music at all hours. And have I mentioned that she’s the owner of Jerry Garcia, the cat who insists on using the potted plants on my front porch as his personal bathroom facility?

My well-thought-out plan also never included ending up in court with these ladies, again and again, as we bickered and squabbled (have I mentioned that all she has to do is keep Jerry indoors?). The magistrate’s solution to our problem was stunning and pretty darned creative–we were neighbors, he told us, and we needed to learn to talk to each other. Consequently, he sentenced us to one full year of being a book discussion group.

I guess the only good thing about the situation is that we found a book we all agreed we’d like to read, the classic Agatha Christie mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express.” Little did we know that soon, we’d be using Christie as our inspiration for solving our own mystery at the Orient Express, the island’s newest Chinese restaurant.

I certainly didn’t plan on that, or on learning to depend on the other members of the League of Literary Ladies to help me solve a murder.

What? I didn’t mention the murder?

Let me tell you, that’s something else I never planned on!

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You can read more about Bea in Mayhem at the Orient Express, the first book in the new “League of Literary Ladies” mystery series.

Meet the author
Kylie Logan has a dual personality! As Casey Daniels, she writes the Pepper Martin mysteries, as Kylie, she’s the author of the new League of Literary Ladies mysteries, the Button Box mysteries and the soon-to-come Chili Cook-off mysteries. Kylie learned to love mysteries and detection early thanks to her dad, a Cleveland Police detective who looked for stolen cars on his days off and took Kylie along for the ride. In “Mayhem at the Orient Express,” she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to pay homage to one of her favorite authors, Agatha Christie. When she’s not writing, Kylie enjoys weaving, knitting and checking in on the two hives of bees in her backyard. Kylie’s brand, spanking new website will be up and going soon. You can check it out at: www.kylielogan.

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