thread and buriedI’m Haylee Scott. I worked for awhile as an investment counselor, but my first love has always been making clothes, mainly by sewing them, though I can also knit and crochet.

My best friend, Willow, and I blew the whistle on our boss in the financial business, and I left town immediately. Willow, who is braver than I am, stayed on. Eventually, I got her to join me in a village in northwestern Pennsylvania, where I had opened the shop of my dreams, The Stash. I sell beautiful fabrics and teach sewing and tailoring. My three mothers had already quit their jobs and moved here, too, to open yarn, notions, and quilting shops. By the time Willow opened her machine embroidery boutique, In Stitches, the village had a new nickname—Threadville.

Yes, I have three mothers. I’m the product of a summer love when my mother was only sixteen. I don’t know my father’s name, but he was the love of my mother’s life, and I suspect that she’s still pining for him. My other two mothers are her best friends. They helped raise me. One of them got engaged when I was little, but a drunk driver put an end to my dreams of having a father. That mother hasn’t been interested in anyone since. These are three very loyal women. My third mother is dating a man whom we all love. I’m crossing my fingers for her.

Me? I’m not dating. I’ve had some bad luck with men. I managed to introduce Willow to a great guy named Clay, and they seem to like each other. I sense they’re conniving to find me a boyfriend, but those two are so busy they hardly ever see each other, so they don’t have much time to connive, which is probably just as well.

Right, I was going to tell you about my day. I teach courses in my shop mornings and afternoons. I often have lunch with Willow, and when the ice cream stand near the beach is open, we stroll along the beach for ice cream after supper. Tuesday evenings, Willow, Clay, and I have firefighting practice. Friday evenings, one of my mothers hosts storytelling events at her shop, Tell a Yarn (she’s the knitting and crocheting expert.)

There have been times when Willow and I have felt the need to do a little quiet investigating. We dress in black and drive out in Willow’s nondescript car after dark. Usually, we take her two dogs. If our police chief (who seems to have an antenna for discovering our whereabouts) finds us and asks what we’re up to, we can tell her we’re walking the dogs.

Don’t worry. We were very, very careful. The police chief won’t admit it, but without our help, she might not have solved a couple of murders.

But we’re done with all that. Anyone up for ice cream this evening?

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You can learn more about Haylee and how she helps Willow solve a murder in the Threadville Mystery series.

The first Threadville Mystery, Dire Threads, was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Bloody Words Light Mystery Award (the Bony Blithe.)

The second novel in the Threadville Mystery series, Threaded For Trouble, is shortlisted for the 2013 Bloody Words Light Mystery Award (the Bony Blithe.)

The third Threadville Mystery, published June 4, is THREAD AND BURIED.

Meet the author
Janet Bolin invented Threadville because there weren’t enough crafty stores near where she lives, but it didn’t help, because now she wants more than ever to merely cross the street for a purple zipper, a skein of fluffy yarn, yards of quilt batting, and scads of beautiful fabrics. And she wishes she could buy that magenta embroidery thread in Willow’s shop… Janet has two dogs who have a strong resemblance to Willow’s dogs, and, like Willow’s dogs, are fond of investigating and sniffing out clues.

Two more Threadville Mysteries are in the works…

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