Board StiffBoard Stiff by Elaine Viets is the 12th book in the “Dead-End Job” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, May 2013

Husband and wife PI team Helen Hawthorne and Phil Sagemont won’t be sparing the sunscreen on their latest assignment, but they’re about to find out murder is no day at the beach.

Will the Real Paddleboard Killer Please Stand Up?

There’s a dark cloud over Sunny Jim’s Safety First Parasailing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding business on Florida’s Riggs Beach—especially after one of his clients is killed in a tragic paddleboarding mishap. Sunny Jim is sure it was no accident, and he hires Helen and Phil to find the murderer.

Between cutthroat competitors poaching his territory, the city threatening to revoke his license, a restaurant owner wanting his beach spot for a parking lot, and a wrongful death suit filed by the victim’s husband, Sunny Jim may soon be up the creek without a paddle.

But he does have Helen and Phil on his side, and as the couple start to investigate, they discover dark undercurrents of corruption behind the cheerful facades of the beachfront businesses, as well as domestic secrets. But the sands of time are running out, and if they don’t catch the killer soon, Sunny Jim won’t be the only one to go under.

I know that when I pick up any book written by Elaine Viets, that I’m going to be involved in an engaging and wonderful whodunit that will keep me entertained from the first page to the finale. The best thing about this series is the dead-end jobs that Helen does that makes for an exciting read where there’s a murder mystery to solve. With Phil and the ever funny Margery on hand, this series gets better and better and I always look forward to the next dead-end job Helen finds herself involved in.

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