Bjorn on 4 JulyBjorn! on the Fourth of July by Karen Cantwell is the third short story featuring Barbara Marr. Publisher: Karen Cantwell, July 2014

Barbara Marr is a mom, like any in the world, who just wants to make her kids happy. When youngest daughter, Amber, begs to see the great magician Bjorn! on the Fourth of July, Barb can hardly deny her. But, in Barb’s world, the road to happiness is… rocky. Will Barb and Amber overcome life’s hurdles in time to see the magical Bjorn!? Will they be amazed?

Once again, Barbara Marr is hilariously funny as what she deemed is do-ably easy is not and how she gets Amber there in time will have you laughing out loud (even on the subway). A fun read that tickled my funny bone and I can’t wait to see what exciting escapades awaits us in the next Barbara Marr series.

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