Streak of LighteningStreak of Lightning by Clare O’Donohue the second short story in the “Someday Quilts” mystery series. Publisher: Plume, July 2013

Nell and Jesse are taking time off from work. They’ve bought their tickets and made reservations. Nothing can stop them from enjoying a romantic weekend in New York City…except a murder.

When Joe, the ill-tempered owner of Archer’s Rest’s only pizzeria, gets locked up overnight for disorderly conduct, it turns into a life sentence when he dies in his cell. Jesse’s most trusted deputy was by his side, so what could have gone wrong? This freak event sets the town abuzz like a streak of lightning. How will Nell, Jesse and the Someday Quilts ladies crack this inexplicable case?

Nell and Jesse’s weekend didn’t go as plan but nonetheless Nell and Jesse spent time together doing what they do best; solving a mystery and this was a good one that I read in one sitting. This was a very enjoyable story and a delightful and charming read to tide me over until the next release in the Someday Quilts series.

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