The White SwanI stand in the spotlight confident about the show, waiting for the applause to die down, silently repeating my mantra, keep thinking, keep walking and keep the energy levels up. I slowly move forward towards the audience ‘Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Johnny Jordan, and I’m so pleased to be here tonight. It really is my pleasure to serve the spirit world and to try to get people some answers.’

I slowly look around before saying more quietly ‘I can’t give any guarantees, but it was certainly packed backstage while I was waiting to come on. So I’m hopeful we should get some good results tonight.’ I pause waiting for the laughing to stop.

‘Ok who have we got first coming through, just a minute… Yes, Ok… right,’ I turn away from the crowd, and put a finger in my left ear, nodding gently as I look towards the safety curtain to the side of the stage. ‘I’ll pass that on.’ I spin round, ready for business now, ‘I’ve got an elderly lady coming though, who wants to talk to the person sat in front of the computer. Yes that’s right, it’s for YOU! Now she wants to give you some proof and so I’ve just been told that, when you were young, you had some sort of accident involving water didn’t you? That’s right isn’t it? Now what she wanted to tell you is that she knows that you want to change the world all by yourself, but that you need to accept some help occasionally. You’ve been hurt in the past by people, haven’t you? You try not to let it show, but she can tell. Does that sound like you? She just quickly wanted to say one more thing to you before she has to go back. Don’t give up on your dream of writing that book.’ I stop and tilt my head to one side listening intently, letting the anticipation build, before simply adding ‘you know what she’s talking about don’t you.’

* * * * * * * * * *

As I walk away from the theatre in the cold night air, I need to speak to my assistant, Frankie, she’d nailed that info about the water and I’m buzzing. Even the Police can’t spoil my mood tonight, they think that I only want to get involved in trying to solve the Daisy Jones murder to get some kind of TV deal, but what do they know? Alright, so there is some talk that a company might be interested in filming a special about it, and ticket sales for my first national tour have gone through the roof since I’ve been featured in some of the national papers, but all I’m doing is what I can to support the poor family, well mostly.

‘Now I haven’t got long we’ve only got a few days before we have to leave York for the next date of the tour, and I’ve got a murder to solve, and I could murder a pint, sorry, poor choice of words.’

‘But before I go, I know that you think I’m a fraud don’t you? Well I prefer the term Psychic Entertainer, but anyway I’ll prove to you that I’m not a fraud then. I want you to think of a two figure number, ok, now to make it more difficult make sure that the numbers are different. Right, have you done that then. Now I want you to really think about it…

It’s coming to me now, the spirit world is telling me that you’re thinking about 35, no sorry it’s 37 isn’t it?

But, if you think that’s impressive, then this one will guarantee that I’m no fraud. I’m going to ask my spirit guide to implant a thought in your head, now once I’ve asked you the question I want you to say the first answer that comes into your head alright? Name a playing card….

‘That’s right you were thinking of the Ace of Spades!!’

‘The last thing I can see in your mind is that you are thinking of buying my book The White Swan, well I’d like to say go for it you won’t regret it.’

Please leave a comment and let me know how accurate I was with my reading and also what you thought of my book.

‘My name’s Johnny Jordan and you’ve been a great audience and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.’

Dru’s note: I played the guessing game and I was amazed. You should do it.

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Meet the author
Paul Morrison lives in York with his wife Andrea and his three children (and Pete the non walking dog!). He has lived in York for the past ten years, settling here after a nomadic few years – prior to which he lived (and was born) in the glorious and often sunny Swindon Town!

He has a unrequited love for Swindon Town Football Club , rarely seen at the County Ground but there in spirit! He is also often seen donning whites in the Summer for Ben Johnson Cricket Club a top quality Gentleman’s Cricket Team!

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