Seed No EvilCallas, roses, daisies, murder, carnations, mums, kidnappings, corsages, bouquets, mayhem . . . Whew. Sorry. I ran out of breath. But that’s my typical day.

As you can see, I’m not your typical florist.

I own a cozy little flower shop named Bloomers – well, okay, the bank owns it. I just pay them a ransom every month – where we sell not only floral products but also coffee, tea, and the best scones in the northern hemisphere, made by our very own British tea expert, Grace Bingham, who runs the coffee-and-tea shop within Bloomers. Lottie Dombowski also works there. She used to own Bloomers until her husband’s illness forced her to sell. She has quadruplet teenaged boys. Can you imagine? But that’s another story in itself.

Two doors down the street is the Down the Hatch Bar and Grill, owned by the hottest male in town, Marco Salvare, whose very presence causes women of all ages to drool. Sidewalks around town get pretty disgusting when Marco’s around. But he’s mine, all mine, which I still marvel at. At which I marvel? Anyway, why would a sexy guy choose a short, busty, freckled redhead with a temper and a wacky family?

My guess is that it’s because we both hate bullies and injustice with a passion, especially when it appears in the guise of cops or prosecutors. Seriously, I was almost accused of murder! Marco, being a former Army Ranger and cop, is now a private investigator, which helps me out quite a bit as I seem to be a trouble magnet. Believe it or not, we make quite a team. I get us into sticky – okay, dangerous – situations, and Marco gets us out of them. Most of the time. But since he’s reading this over my shoulder, I won’t tell about the time the tables were turned. (Cough)

So if you love great, page-turning mysteries, a little romance (we meet in book one, Mum’s the Word, and things happen from there) and a lot of laughs, come on down to Bloomers and meet the rest of the Flower Shop gang. We’re on the town square in New Chapel, Indiana. You can’t miss the bright red-and-white striped awning. And have we got stories for you! Fourteen and counting. I’ll even give you a discount on flowers – unless you also need a killer caught, in which case, the price will be a bit higher.

Thanks to Penguin, I have one (1) copy of SEED NO EVIL to give away. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends August 16; US entries only per publisher’s request.

From Dru: Congratulations to Kate as “Seed No Evil” has made the New York Times extended Bestsellers List.

Meet the author
Kate Collins is the author of the national best-selling Flower Shop Mystery series. Her latest mystery, SEED NO EVIL, #14 in the series, hits the shelves on August 6, 2013. Her books have made the New York Times Extended Bestseller List, Barnes & Noble best-seller lists, the Independent Booksellers lists, as well as lists in Australia and England. All of Kate’s mysteries are available in print, digital, and large-print editions both in the U.S. and in the UK. Kate’s historical romances are also available in digital format at Amazon, B&N, and other e-book sellers. For more information visit Kate at: Kate loves for fans to visit her on her Facebook page, too.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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