Alibis and AmethystsSix months ago if you had asked me to describe a typical day in my life, you would have been bored to death in a matter of minutes. Back then I taught earth science at a middle school on Long Island. Yawning yet? From my new perspective, it even sounds dull to me. Had it not been for my best friend, Sierra, I probably would have stayed right there, stuck forever in my comfortable rut. But Sierra, free spirit that she is, fell in love with Sedona while vacationing in the Southwest and impulsively leased an empty store, determined to open a bakery there. The fact that she’d never done any baking didn’t enter into the equation. Knowing Sierra as well as I do, I wasn’t surprised by her decision or by the fact that she expected me to move out there too.

I tried reasoning with her. “How am I supposed to make a living out there?” I asked.

“You can open a crystal shop,” she said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. “You already know all about rocks and stuff. It’s a perfect fit. You’ll just have to research the New Age theories about them. How hard can that be?” Sierra has always been a glass-full-to-the brim type of gal. After two days of her relentless campaigning, I caved, largely because she’s the closest thing to family I have left in the world and I can’t imagine my life without her special brand of sunshine in it.

Now that I’ve settled into my new home and career, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. A typical day in my life is a lot more fun than it used to be too. When I wake up in the morning, I look out any window in the little apartment above my crystal shop and I’m as dazzled and uplifted by the amazing red cliffs of Sedona as I was the first day I saw them.

The first month or so after I opened my shop, I only had a trickle of customers. But it didn’t take long for word about my geology background to travel the Sedona grapevine and hop on the tourist express. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Sierra put up signs in her bakery advertising my expertise. She also insisted I start giving mini lectures about the various crystal and gemstones to help draw more people into my shop.

I’m so busy now, I rarely have a chance to sit down until closing time. Lunch is often an energy bar on the go. But I’m really enjoying my new life. The best part of my day is talking to customers from all over the world, hearing their stories and suggesting the stones that might help them. Since the Psychic Vortexes of Sedona are believed to empower the crystals and gemstones, I get a lot of questions about where to find them. I keep a stack of free maps from the visitors’ center on hand to point out the most accessible ones.

I have to find time to check inventory and order more stock almost every day. If I don’t keep the shop well-stocked, customers will spend their money elsewhere. And there are a lot of other crystal shops in Sedona.

Sierra and I try to catch dinner together at least a few nights a week. Sometimes Daniel Yazzi joins us. He’s a full-blooded Navajo who runs tours of the Red Rocks with his cousin George. I’m also always on call to sample Sierra’s latest confections. It turns out that she’s a fabulous baker. If I don’t exercise some will power, it won’t be long before none of my clothes are going to fit me.

I thought my days were as full as they could possibly be, but then I found the dead body in Sierra’s backyard. Suddenly we were the prime suspects in a murder case. Not willing to sit back and rely on justice to run a true course, we started our own investigation. I didn’t think anything else could possibly happen, but I was wrong. I wound up with an unexpected house guest – a strange, little furry creature like nothing we’d ever seen before.

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You can read more about Jaye in Alibis and Amethysts, the first book in the new “Crystal Shop” mystery series, which takes place in Sedona, Arizona. Alibis and Amethysts is scheduled for release on August 20th.

Meet the author
Sharon and her family live on Long Island, but she gets out to Sedona whenever she can.

Sharon is the author of six other novels. Sketcher in the Rye, the fourth book in her “Portrait of Crime” mystery series is due out on December 17th and you can read the first chapter at the end of Alibis and Amethysts.

Visit Sharon at her website.

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