plainly murderPlainly Murder by Isabella Alan is the prequel (and short story) to the new “Amish Quilt Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, August 2013

Welcome to Rolling Brook, Ohio, a quaint Amish community where life is less tranquil than it seems.

Angela Braddock has come to Rolling Brook to lend a hand at her Aunt Eleanor’s traditional Amish quilt shop. But when Eleanor’s quilting circle mourns the loss of their oldest member, Evelyn, they make a startling discovery about a tragic event in Evelyn’s past. More than a decade earlier, during a barn raising, Evelyn’s son Eric fell from the roof and died. Evelyn had always insisted that Eric was pushed, and now a clue in an old quilt convinces Angie to dig up the truth…and discover one of Rolling Brook’s darkest secrets.

The gift of a quilt leads to a history that people want to forget until Angie at the request of her aunt tries to deliver the item and discovers a long buried secret that threatens a family. This was a good read and a nice introduction to Angie Braddock and I enjoyed the set-up to the upcoming new “Amish Quilt Shop” series by Isabella Alan, which I’m looking forward to reading.

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