Dime If I KnowA day in the life of Cleopatra Jones starts out with Saint Bernard breath in my face as soon as the alarm goes off. Madonna became my pet a few months ago when her owner was killed by a crazy woman. A month or so ago, my supertanker of a dog presented us with three lively puppies, which is the reason she prefers sleeping with me.

After getting myself cleaned up and putting the dogs in the backyard, I start breakfast for my teenage daughters Charla and Lexy. Mama, of course, sleeps in and gets up after I run the kids to school.

Today I do a quick buzz of the office of my accounting firm before I drive to the golf course, but I can’t concentrate because I have a lesson with my golf pro boyfriend Rafe Golden in a few minutes.

I like golf, but I love this man.

I fought it, especially after the nasty divorce I went through with my adulterous ex, but something this powerful as my feelings for Rafe couldn’t be denied.

Rafe gave me a key to his place but lately I’d been hankering for another gift from him. A ring. Not just any ring, but one that comes with a two-car garage and joint tax returns.

We’d started out dating without any expectations, so I didn’t know if we were still on the same page. Could he be holding back on proposing because of our ground rules?

I pulled into the parking lot and before I had the car in park, his golf cart blocked me in. His eyes lit up, making me feel like two million dollars.

With a wedding ring dancing in my head, I slipped out of the car and into his open arms.

The lesson was rocky. I couldn’t manage a single swing thought because I’d rather be someplace private with him instead of public display on the driving range.

Just as we’re making plans to get together that evening, he gets a call, cancels our date, and runs off without a word of explanation.

All during my errands, afternoon at work, and dinner and homework with the kids I wonder what he’s doing. And I wonder why he won’t return my calls.

One thing is certain. This is no way to treat your girlfriend.

You can read more about Cleopatra in Dime If I Know, the third book in the “Cleopatra Jones” mystery series, published by Five Star. The first book in the series is In for a Penny.

Meet the author
Formerly an aquatic toxicologist contracted to the U.S. Army and currently a freelance reporter, Southern author Maggie Toussaint loves to blend murder and romance in her fiction. With ten published books to her credit, her latest releases are Hot Water (romantic suspense) and Dime If I Know (mystery). She’s an active member of Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, and Sisters In Crime. Visit her at www.maggietoussaint.com.

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