silent knifeThe Fearless Westie and Gourmand Amateur Sleuth

First off, I’m not a talking dog, well, not any more than any other dog. I can do the usual tricks and I can communicate through barks, whines and whimpers that humans seem to understand. I save my best growl for bad guys. I really don’t understand half the things humans say, though I do recognize some words like food, eat, treat, out and walk. Also run. That’s when you’ll find me under the bed.

My human, Liv Montgomery, is very smart and nice and she takes good care of me, especially now that we’ve moved to Celebration Bay where she plans events for the town. Her only really bad habit is she doesn’t just walk. She runs—for fun—and exercise.

I’m a tough guy—as well as adorable—but I’m a Westie. I like chasing cats, birds, and small animals as much as the next guy. I’ll even chase my own tail. I’m a dynamite digger, though I’ve found that humans are not really fans of digging. I don’t understand why. They should try it sometimes.

I even love running. But on my own terms. I like to follow my nose, not the pavement. I may see something that I want to check out, but not Liv. She runs nonstop until we get back home again. And all those wonderful things we could have stopped and snuffled? Opportunities missed.

I love our new town. We used to live in Manhattan where Liv went out everyday and left me at home by my energetic self. A nice girl named Mindy came twice a day to take me and a bunch of other dogs to the park, but most of the day was boring. I really had to get inventive to keep myself entertained. Liv was not always amused.

Now we live in a little house where the doors opened right into the park, only here it’s called a garden. No elevators!!! Liv just opens the door and I run outside. And it’s all mine; I don’t have to share it with any other dogs, just Edith and Ida these two nice ladies who always give me a treat on our way to work.

Yeah, I go to work with Liv. How cool is that? Everyday, we walk to her office on the town green. The only tiny thing missing is there’s hardly any trash to inspect along the way. But lots of grass.

We always stop by Dolly’s bakery on the way. She makes me special dog biscuits in weird shapes and colors. I don’t really get why except they have to do with holidays and they’re really yummy.

Then we stop at BeBe’s and get something called latteandtea or myregular for Liv and her assistant Ted. Ted is totally cool and he likes to eat as much as me. While they plan the day ahead, I cuddle up on my new bed in the corner of Liv’s office and nibble my treat.

They’re always real busy planning festivals, troubleshooting problems, and sometimes even solving a murder. Murders are the most fun. A lot of running around and barking, protecting Liv and being fierce. Sometimes I’m a hero and get an extra treat. Well, really, if dogs are man’s and Liv’s best friends, we should stand by them in a pinch.

But life here isn’t just about eating and chasing bad guys. I have lots of other fun, especially when Liv leaves me with Ted. Let’s see. There was the time I chased Santa’s reindeer. Oh and that awful cat Tinkerbelle. I like cats okay, but this one was, well, let’s just say, I named her Tink the Stink. One time I swam in the lake with a murder suspect, but I knew he wasn’t guilty. Dogs know these things. I even prevented a fist fight once. And possibly caused two others.

I can be ferocious as well as my charming self.

Liv, Ted and I put in long days, and sometimes Chaz comes over to fight with Liv. Those two can be pretty entertaining. I like him. He’s the editor of the local paper and a slob. His office is doggy heaven, with papers to roll in and wrestle with and left over food hidden in the neatest places, like under the chair, and on the window sill. Chaz is my kind of guy, laid back, but has your back in a crisis.

The best time of day is when Liv and Ted close up the office and Liv and I go home and eat and climb on the couch to snuggle. Then it starts all over again the next morning. But it’s never boring. Everyday is different and totally exciting. Something new to do. More fun to enjoy. Because everyday’s a holiday in Celebration Bay, the people are friendly and the eating is yummy.

I bet you’ll like it, too.

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You can read more about Whiskey and Liv in Silent Knife, the second book in the “Celebration Bay” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is Foul Play at the Fair.

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Shelley Freydont is the author of The Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Mysteries. She loves puzzles of all kinds and when not writing or reading mysteries, she’s most likely working on a jigsaw, Sudoku, or crossword. She is the author of two other mystery series and also writes women’s fiction (Beach Colors, Stargazey Point) as Shelley Noble.

A former professional dancer and choreographer, she now lives in New Jersey just across the river from New York City. Shelley loves to hear from readers.

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