Mama Get TrashedMama Gets Trashed by Deborah Sharp is the fifth book in the “Mace Bauer” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, September 2013

Trash Talk Spreads Fast

Digging around the dump for Mama’s prized wedding ring, Mace Bauer suddenly stumbles upon the dead body of librarian Camilla Law. The strait-laced town of Himmarshee is scandalized, not because a killer is on the loose, but because prudish Camilla’s leather getup screams sex fetish. Good gravy!

Meanwhile, Mace is desperate to help her down-in-the-dumps sister, who suspects her husband is cheating on her. Tracking the two-timing cad, Mace uncovers a circle of bondage fanatics. Whips and woo-hoo? Mama’s blushing pinker than her favorite sweet wine! Mace must figure out what’s going on in little ol’ Himmarshee before another body gets trashed.

I just love this series. I know when I visit Himmarshee, Florida, I’m going to have a delightfully charming and hilarious times with the shenanigans of Mama, her daughters and the people that cross their path in the pursuit of whatever investigation Mace gets involved in and in their latest caper Mace finds another dead body that exposes a secret underbelly in their town. This is a well-written, character driven whodunit that I enjoyed immensely. The ride is always fun and when it is over, I wish there was another adventure with the Bauers waiting around the corner for me to enjoy.

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