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Murder and MarianaI’m a nice Italian girl. I kiss all my relatives, I listen to my mother, and I only kill people in print. I’m a mystery writer for the Agatha Press, with a series featuring a detective named Bernardo Vitali. (You may have heard of my books—Molto Murder? How about Ciao, My Darling?) Not long ago, I decided to take a break from the mysteries and write a historical novel based on my Italian family. But to do that I had to go back to our family restaurant, the Casa Lido. It’s in a small beach town at the Jersey shore—the perfect setting to work on my new novel. Or so I thought.

My first challenge was dealing with Nonna, my very formidable grandmother. When I got there, she wasn’t even speaking to me. Apparently I don’t visit enough. Then my mom and dad got me involved in a town protest against a reality show that wanted to film in our town. Unfortunately, the producer of that show ended up dead in our tomato garden, which wasn’t very good for business. That’s when Nonna started speaking to me again, because she insisted I find out how said producer met his end.

That’s also when my sister-in-law Sofia got into the act, appointing herself as my assistant, only she’s a whole lot smarter than Dr. Watson. After that, I got locked in a pantry with my former boyfriend Tim, faced down a drunken suspect, and ran afoul of a preppie thug named Fredo. Just to complicate things further, there’s a very attractive guy named Cal who’s restoring our antique bar; he’s from New Orleans and has an accent like sugar syrup. Or does he? Cal’s one mystery I haven’t solved yet, but I think I’ll probably have fun trying.

All I wanted to do when I came home was to learn how to cook Italian and write my new book, but instead I stumbled into a murder. When it was all over, I warned Sofia that I’d never get involved in anything that crazy again. In fact, right now I’m busy making meatballs for our famous Wedding Soup, specially requested by friends of ours for their daughter’s wedding. So things are nice and quiet now, and once I’m done making a thousand meatballs, I can get back to my writing.

Because I can’t imagine anyone getting murdered at a wedding reception. Can you?

You can read more about Victoria in Murder and Marinara, the first book in the new “Italian Kitchen” mystery series, published by Obsidian.

Thanks to Penguin, I have one (1) copy of MURDER AND MARINARA to give away. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends October 2; US entries only per publisher’s request.

Meet the author
A Jersey girl born and bred, Rosie Genova left her heart at the shore, which serves as the setting for much of her Rosiework. Her new series, the Italian Kitchen Mysteries, is informed by her deep appreciation for good food, her pride in her heritage, and her love of classic mysteries from Nancy Drew to Miss Marple. An English teacher by day and novelist by night, Rosie also writes women’s fiction as Rosemary DiBattista. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, two of her three Jersey boys, and an ill-behaved fox terrier.

Visit Rosie at her website or on Facebook.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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  1. Can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  2. Jan Mackinem

    This sounds like it has a fun cast of characters! I’m looking forward to reading it!

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    Sounds tasty and fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

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  11. Debbie Carney

    What a great sounding book Would love to win/read it

  12. Thanks, everyone, for commenting, and thanks, Dru for having Victoria and me here today!

  13. I’m a nice Italian girl, too, and I would love to read this book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. This new series is right up my alley with it being a mystery AND about food. What more could I ask? 🙂 I am so anxious to get started with this new series, and would love to be the recipient of this book. The blog post is so cute and funny and I am sure the book will be absolutely great. We can all use humor in our day, and if it comes from a book that is a wonderful thing to me. Thanks for the cute and informative interview, Dru. Good luck with all of your writing, Rosie.

  15. Sounds like a really good book!

  16. staci nauert

    This sounds like a different mystery. I think the Italian is very interesting and always have. I am really interested in the Mob !!! I am sure this will be a Big hit.

  17. Si, prego I’d like to be entered into this lovely giveaway. I grew up in the Italian part of East NY Brooklyn back in the 50’s The smells of the nonas making sauce would perfume the whole block.

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  23. Sounds like a good book

  24. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  25. This book sounds like such fun, I wish I had written it myself. Just the family trip was fun to read about including nonna. I’m Italian and come from New Jersey and I’m a writer and even though I’m a vegan it could still be Murder Marinara because, guess what, marinara is vegan!

  26. Annette Naish

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    Story sounds like a lot of fun! I love Italian food!!

  28. You had me at “marinara” and I’m half-Italian. We have both Mafia and a judge among occupations in our genealogy 🙂 Add me to the drawing, please. judydee22002@yahoo dot com

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  39. contest is closed.