Kickout ClauseKickout Clause by Jenna Bennett is the seventh book in the “Savannah Martin” mystery series. Publisher: Magpie Ink., October 2013

When Shelby Ferguson, Savannah’s ex-husband’s new wife, begs Savannah’s help in figuring out what’s going on with Bradley, Savannah can’t in good conscience say no. Shelby has no one else to turn to, no one to whom she can admit that her marriage is on the rocks and that Bradley may be straying.

But helping Shelby turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg. With two different sets of buyers vying to purchase Mrs. Jenkins’s house, and an escaped prisoner targeting Savannah, she has more than enough to deal with. And that’s before TBI rookie Manny Ortega is shot down in cold blood.

With Savannah’s boyfriend Rafe Collier, and their friend, homicide detective Tamara Grimaldi, busy looking for Manny’s murderer, it’s up to Savannah to juggle buyers and agents and vandals and lawyers, and come out on top…without losing her Southern Belle poise or her life in the process.

With each book written, this series gets better and better and I’m so happy Jenna keeps turning out Rafe and Savannah stories for our reading pleasure. It’s a joy to watch the positive changes in Savannah with her relationship with Rafe and her peers. She really has come into her own and I like it. This was a very enjoyable story from beginning to an ending that I didn’t see coming. A great read and I can’t wait for the next book in this engagingly entertaining series.

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