Afoot on St CroixThe perfect job? I’ve got it.

I’m a traveling air conditioner salesman.

What’s so special about that? My sales territory spans the Caribbean. Ah, I thought that might catch your attention. That’s right. I get paid to travel from island to island, using my sizeable expense account to woo clients.

Along the way, I stay in beachfront hotels and resorts, eat tons of fresh seafood, and drink my fill of my favorite beer. Have you ever tried an ice cold Jamaican Red Stripe? I assure you, there’s nothing like it.

Financially speaking, the Caribbean is an excellent sales assignment. The region is always in need of the latest and greatest developments in artificial cooling. The people are culturally diverse – West Indians, East Indians, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, Ex-pat Americans – but I have a way of getting along with just about everyone. I’m quite skilled in the art of persuasion.

I recently made a trip to St. Croix, the southernmost island in the Virgins. Christiansted is the main town. Lots of little brewpubs and restaurants are set up along the boardwalk that skirts the harbor. I had a fantastic meal while I was there.

I also met a lot of interesting people on that visit to St. Croix. Let’s see, there was a construction contractor trying to reunite with his ex-wife and kids, an Italian opera singer who practiced his singing each day in the park by the old Danish fort, and the stylish wife of a Saudi grocery store owner. That last one, she had an obsession with women’s shoes. Green high heels, I believe.

Speaking of feet, they have a legend on St. Croix. They say a creature called the Goat Foot Woman roams the streets after dark. She’s half human, half goat, and she’s got a reputation for eating little kids. I think it’s just a fairy tale they tell children to try to get them to behave. “Don’t stay out late, or the Goat Foot Woman will get you.” Silly right?

The tourists like that sort of thing, though. That’s another aspect I enjoy about the Caribbean – all the tourists it attracts, especially the ones that travel alone or drift off by themselves, tempting me with their tiny delectable toes…

Sorry, I drifted off there for a moment. Well, we all have our secrets, don’t we? You never know what skeletons people might be concealing under the outer shell they present to the world.

Or what goat-like appendages might be hidden beneath an air conditioner salesman’s left shoe.

You can read more about the happenings on St. Croix in Afoot on St. Croix, the second book in the “Mystery in the Islands” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is Adrift on St. John.

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Rebecca M. Hale is a graduate of Colorado State University (Biochemistry 1994) and Vanderbilt School of Law (JD 1997). After almost ten years working as a patent attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, she took time off to write her first novel, HOW TO WASH A CAT – and never looked back. She primarily writes fiction in the form of quirky mysteries that reflect her travel experiences and many of the people and animals she meets along the way.

Rebecca now lives in Western Colorado with her feline writing associates, that is, when she’s not off researching future books set in San Francisco, the Caribbean, or wherever else her wandering spirit takes her.

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