A Day In The Life Of Claire Hanover by Beth Groundwater

Basket of TroubleJob: Gift Basket Designer

Hi, all. I’m a little shy about appearing here on Dru Ann’s magnificent blog, because writing is not really my thing. Creating beautiful gift baskets is! My name is Claire Hanover, and usually you can find me either out delivering gift baskets or in my basement workshop in my home in Colorado Springs constructing gift baskets on the beat-up oak dining table I rescued from a church yard sale. Two walls of my workshop are lined with plastic shelves that hold baskets, packing and wrapping materials such as Spanish moss and colored cellophane, fabric remnants, and clear boxes labeled “Ribbons,” “Tags/cards,” “Plastic/dried flowers,” “Candy,” “Hot sauces,” and more. The floor is usually littered with ribbon scraps, paper shreds and such, and I’m happily humming along to Enya, Yanni, or some other soothing CD while I work.

But today is different. I’m nervous as heck. I’m about to attend the grand opening of my brother Charley’s trail riding stable, and I so want his new business to do well. I’m bringing a gift basket that I decorated with vintage horse tack and a bow made from a horse-themed bandana. I filled it with some of Charley’s and his wife Jessica’s favorite treats—such as horehound candy for him and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates for her. I hope it adds to the festivity of the occasion, and I hope lots of people come!

I’ve been thinking about volunteering today to help with Jessica’s hippotherapy nonprofit, too. She uses horseback riding to provide physical and occupational therapy for all kinds of clients, from kids with autism or Down’s syndrome to adults with cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. Since Jessica and Charley recently moved from Durango to Colorado Springs, on my suggestion, she’s also making a fresh start and has to find new clients for her therapy. I’d like to help her out if I can. Both Charley and Jessica have been working so hard lately to get ready for this opening. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed, hoping they both succeed, and that my suggestion proves to be a good one.

The LAST thing they need is some disaster to crop up, such as, shudder to think of it, a murder like the others that have been dropping into my life lately. Oh God, that would be awful! I’m praying that nothing like that happens and that all of their wranglers live long, boring lives! Oh, my husband Roger’s got the car running and he’s calling for me. I’ll just grab this basket (Oof) and head out to the car. Wish me luck. I hope I don’t need it…

You can read more about Claire in A Basket of Trouble, the third book in the “Claire Hanover” mystery series, published by Midnight Ink. Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

Beth is giving away one (1) copy of A BASKET OF TROUBLE. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends November 12; US entries only.

Meet the author
Bestselling mystery author Beth Groundwater writes the Claire Hanover gift basket designer series (A Real Basket Case, a Best First Novel Agatha Award finalist, To Hell in a Handbasket and just released, A Basket of Trouble) and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures series starring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner (Deadly Currents, an Amazon #3 overall bestseller, Wicked Eddies, finalist for the Rocky Award, and released in June, Fatal Descent). Beth enjoys Colorado’s many outdoor activities, including skiing and whitewater rafting, and loves talking to book clubs.

Please visit Beth at: website | blog | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. The third one also sounds great.

  2. Kathy Gonzales

    I love the title! Putting this on my ever growing wish list !

  3. Loved the first two; can’t wait to read this one! Sounds like another winning mystery, Beth ~

  4. Sounds like a good series. It’s been on my book list for awhile and maybe time to start reading!

  5. She just gets better…Dee

  6. Sounds great, love the cover.

  7. I love this series and I can’t wait to read this book.

  8. Sounds like a great cozy mystery.

  9. I would enjoy this series. Her occupation is a little different..

  10. I am looking forward to this one! I really like this series!

  11. This sounds like a really good book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Susan Slovinsky

    Another new author for me and since I used to do gift baskets I know I’ll find this interesting. Thank you.

  13. Hearty congratulations on the new mystery, Beth. It’s on my list of next reads. Your work is great fun!

  14. I would love to try this book. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  15. I haven’t even seen this series but I know if Beth Groundwater wrote it must be good! Thank you for the chance to win it.

  16. Sounds like some good mysterious fun. Please enter my name in the draw. Thanks.

  17. Aaaack, another series I’m missing out on. I read Beth’s blogs, and I’ve long been interested in the gift basket series. It sounds right up my alley. Put my name in for one, please.

  18. Beth here. Thanks, everyone, for your great comments so far! Yes, it’s been a long wait for the third book in the series, and I’m so glad it’s finally out. I hope both those of you who already know Claire and those of you who don’t will enjoy reading her latest adventure. Saddle up!

    Claire here. Susan, since you used to make gift baskets, I would appreciate your feedback on the list of tips for making gift baskets that I made up for Beth and she put on her website: http://bethgroundwater.com/Gift_Basket_articles.html

  19. I read the first book in this series a while back and then lost track of it. My local libraries don’t always buy all the books in a series. I’d love to be the lucky winner since I’m number 60 on the waiting list at the Queens County library.

  20. “A Basket of Trouble” sounds intriguing! Consider me entered. 🙂

  21. I really like Beth’s other series and am looking forward to reading this one.

  22. I would love to read this series. Sounds good!

  23. I’ve read the author’s other series, but this one is new to me. I like the gift basket idea.

  24. I haven’t read Groundwater yet, but I’ve been watching the reviews and I’m ready to read. Count me in. Thanks. judydee22002@yahoo.com

  25. Horse therapy is marvelous. What a great thing to include in a book and raise awareness.

  26. Wow, Beth your books are fantastic. I truly enjoy reading,them. Can’t wait to read your third book “A Basket of Trouble”. Getting my fingers cross that could win your book. Thanks, Beth for writing great books, for all of us to read. Plus, thanks Dru for hosting the giveaway.

  27. Lisa Richardson

    Sounds to me like it’s time for a book buying excursion, but maybe I’ll wait till Wednesday, lol! This book, as always, sounds wonderful!

  28. Sounds like a good book, I’ve added it to my read list.

  29. This would be awesome.

  30. Wow, I’m feeling humbled by all the people who are interested in reading about my life as a gift basket designer, mother, wife, daughter and sister. While other family ties have been stressed in my previous adventures, I’m afraid that in A Basket of Trouble, my roles as sister and daughter will cause me the most heartache. I wish all of you the best of luck in the contest, but if you don’t win a copy, I hope you’ll buy one. My author friend Beth could really use the support.
    – Claire Hanover

  31. Gift baskets are awesome. This book sounds awesome, too!

  32. Claire’s gift baskets sound so unique and awesome, as does the book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Michel Gallegos

    Please enter me in the Claire Hanover book giveaway. Thank you!

  34. I would like to be a gift basket designer.

  35. Michelle Fidler

    Sounds like an interesting book and I like the fact that horses are mentioned. I seem to be seeing them a lot lately, and there’s even a catalog that sells horse-related things like t-shirts, etc. I just looked at the excerpt on Amazon.

  36. Eager to read this cozy. Sounds like a great job.

  37. My daughter loves cozy mystery books, I would love to win this one for her, thank you for the chance.


  38. I am soooooo anxious to read this book by Beth. I have seen such great reviews, and with cozy mysteries being my very favorite genre, I would love to win this book. Such an inviting book. Great cover too. Thank you.


  39. I really like this series about Claire, and the horse part sounds interesting.


  40. i have yet to read this series, but i have it on my WishList…….
    so glad that this is only the 3rd book out, so it won’t feel like ‘homework’ to catch up!! LOL!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  41. Sounds good to me.

  42. Thanks so much for your interest in A Basket of Trouble, everyone! I had a fascinating time learning about hippotherapy, the use of horseback riding for occupational and physical therapy. I watched a therapist at work and interviewed her and read a lot about the benefits of hippotherapy. There are many active centers in Colorado and elsewhere in the West that provide the therapy to those suffering from both physical and mental ailments.
    – Beth

    I totally agree with Beth! I had a great time volunteering for my brother’s wife’s hippotherapy nonprofit, and I saw such wonderful progress being made by the clients. I especially liked helping the kids!
    – Claire

  43. Looks like a really good book!

  44. Thanks Beth and Claire for giving us a glimpse into your day.

  45. contest is closed.