Charms and Chocolate ChipsCharms and Chocolate Chips by Bailey Cates is the third book in the “Magical Bakery” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, November 2013


Between brewing magically spiced treats at Honeybee Bakery and volunteering with a local conservation group, Katie Lightfoot barely has time to see her firefighter boyfriend, Declan McCarthy, much less delve further into her destiny as a witch. But avoiding her fate won’t be as easy as whipping up a new recipe—especially when Katie finds herself once again mixed up in murder.

When a fellow volunteer for the conservation group is found dead, Katie’s mystical senses tell her that there’s more to the death than meets the eye. Her suspicions are confirmed when members of her coven are targeted next. Katie will have to embrace her powers quickly…or she may find herself chewed up and spit out by some serious black magic.

Fans of Katie Lightfoot will enjoy this latest adventure where the action is fast-paced and the mystery will have you rooting for Katie and her friends as they try to thwart out evil amongst their community. The whimsicality in this lighthearted drama is both entertaining and appealing as the story captivated me from beginning to end. It was fun seeing the old gang and I was pleased with the character development of Katie and her friends. A visitor from Katie’s past added a surprise and welcome element to this delightfully charming tale. Boasting good conversations, a great cast of characters and a comfortable atmosphere, the author did a good job in delivering a well-written whodunit in this endearing series. I look forward to the next book with Katie and her circle of friends.

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