Murderous MatrimonyA day in the life? That’s rich! No one was interested in me until I was dead!

It may be more like a Day in the Death of Wanda Le Fey at the Renaissance Faire.

I was peacefully minding my own business that morning, thinking about the great new prank I was going to pull on my ex-husband, William Shakespeare. Oh, he spouts poetry like he knows what he’s doing. But all it takes is a nice wench with a tight corset to inspire him.

Whilst keeping an eye open for that little annoyance, Jessie Morton, I realized she’d already pranked me. She’d put a blue dye pack in my shower head. I turned on the water, and I was completely covered in blue, head to toe.

I knew at once it was Jessie’s doing—revenge for gluing her skirt to a chair at the Lady of the Lake Tavern, no doubt. Now that was a memorable prank! They had to cut her skirt from her in the midst of the crowded tavern. She was so embarrassed. It was heavenly!

All in all, I have to give credit where credit is due. Dying me blue was a good prank. No doubt Jessie used something that wouldn’t come off right away. I might have had to walk around for days like that.

It would mean I’d have to think of something equally obnoxious to do to her. My mind was thusly occupied as I made haste to leave the shower.

I opened the curtain, and that was it for me—at least for my living self. I was struck down in my prime—murdered in the flower of my life.

The next thing I knew, I was a blue ghost, following Jessie around the Renaissance Faire!

At first, I was depressed. After all, I was dead. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything I was used to doing. Then I realized the full potential of all I could do to make her life miserable. I am still in the process of exploring those options.

Jessie is marrying our delectable Bailiff, Chase Manhattan, in two weeks. I always wanted a crack at him, but he’s always wanted her. It’s too late for that now, but not too late for ruining their wedding day.

All in all, being dead hasn’t been too bad. Not everyone can see or hear me, but enough can to make it interesting. Haunting the Village is a wonderful way to spend an afterlife!


You can read more about Wanda in Murderous Matrimony, the sixth book in the “Renaissance Faire” mystery series. The first book in the series is Wicked Weaves.

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