Chicken Caccia KillerHey, y’all. I wanted to let you know about my latest adventure. It all started when I was minding my own business and got called to the editor’s office.

Mind you, writing a culinary column for the Ranchero Globe may not be my dream job, but I was shocked to see Loretta Moseley sitting across from my boss. She used to write the column before she broke her hip and I was asked to take over, first temporarily, then full-time when she ran off to Vegas with her smokin’ hot therapist and the settlement money from the accident. Despite the fact that I can’t cook a lick and think all gourmet food comes with fries, I managed to do pretty well at the job with the help of my wacky friends who supplied casserole recipes with made-up fancy names for my column.

Long story short, although I would prefer to be writing about what’s happening on the football field and not about the yummy Frito Pie at the concession stand, it wasn’t a bad gig. So you can imagine my surprise to find out that after a year, Loretta thought she could mosey into town and take back her old job.

It didn’t help that her uncle Earl owns the newspaper.

My editor surprised me, though, and actually stood up for me, telling her that sales have doubled since I took over the Kitchen Kupboard. As a compromise, he and uncle Earl decided that Loretta and I should both cover the Italian Festival coming to town the following weekend and then let the people of Ranchero decide who they wanted. With Loretta confident she could beat out a “skinny redhead,” as she called me, every competitive bone in my body went into overdrive.

Game on.

But Loretta plays dirty, and there’s a real possibility I’ll end up writing only the personals again—or worse.

That’s not my only problem, though. Alex, the really hot FBI agent who doubles as my boyfriend, wants me to meet his mother and sister who are in town for the festival.

Holy cannoli!

But wait! It gets worse. At a pre-festival party, a debonair Italian entrepreneur ends up taking a dive from the balcony, and Alex’s sister is charged with the murder. In an unlikely pairing, I team up with his mother, who is keeping secrets of her own, along with my friends from Empire Apartments to try and catch a killer.

Recently released Chicken Caccia-Killer is available at all online book stores. You won’t want to miss this one or the fantastic Italian recipes in the back, either. Ciao!

You can read more about Jordan and her friends in Chicken Caccia-Killer, the fourth book in the “Jordan McAllister” mystery series. The first book in the series is Liver Let Die.

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Meet the author
Liz Lipperman started writing late in life after spending most of her career saving people. Retired from the medical field, she now spends a lot of her time thinking up new ways to kill them. She and her HS sweetheart hubby live north of Dallas, close to her two grown children and four of the sweetest grandkids a girl could ever ask for.

She writes the Clueless Cook Mystery Series for Berkley Prime Crime. Her new Romantic Thriller series, titled SWEEPERS, debuts this December with the prequel, SWEEPERS: A KISS TO DIE FOR, followed by the release of book one, SWEEPERS: DIE ONCE MORE in June 2014. Look for the second book of A Dead Sister Talking Mystery, JAILHOUSE GLOCK, in May 2014 from Midnight Ink and the first book of a new cozy series debuting some time next year.

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