Four PlayFour Play by Cindy Blackburn is the fourth book in the “Cue Ball” humorously romantic mystery series. Publisher: Cindy Blackburn, January 2014

Bad news comes in . . . fours? For romance author and former pool shark Jessie Hewitt it does. She hasn’t written a decent sex scene in months, she hasn’t shot a decent game of eight ball all year, and don’t even ask about her supposed love life. And just when Jessie thinks things can’t get any worse, a body lands on her car. Uber-hunky and altogether infuriating cop Wilson Rye suggests she concentrate on solving her other problems and leave the murder investigation to the experts. But does Jessie agree? Take a guess.

This series makes me laugh, and especially this one when Jessie’s becomes inadvertently tangled in a murder case, all due to the murder victim landing on her precious car. When multiple people seek her help in solving this crime, what else could Jessie do, but help her fiancé (even though he doesn’t want her help, but secretly we know he does) with the help of her two cohorts-in-crime-solving, search for a killer and that’s when the fun ensues. You can’t help but laugh at the antics the trio gets into as they gather the clues necessary to end this case. And the dialogue, man I was cracking up at sexy-smexy and all the alliterations one can think of for everyday language. This is a fun amusing ride that will have you hankering for the next book in this comically entertaining series.

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