Elvis and the Bridegroom StiffsElvis and the Bridegroom Stiffs by Peggy Webb is the sixth book in the “Southern Cousins” mystery series. Publisher: Peggy Webb, January 2014

Christmas wedding fever and scandal are in the air! The bride ditched everybody’s favorite feed and seed man for a stranger who has women all over Mooreville swooning. It’s enough to make Callie Valentine Jones turn in her hair-cutting scissors, especially when she finds them buried in the bridegroom’s neck and herself as the prime suspect! Callie, her cousin Lovie, and her famous dog Elvis lead the law on a merry chase as they try to catch the killer before Callie ends up singing “Jailhouse Rock.”

With Elvis by her side, giving her the encouragement that she needs, Callie is once again, thrust into an investigation with help from her eccentrically entertaining family and friends. The author does a great job in grabbing my attention in this light and amusing fare that was hard to put down. In between solving the murder, Callie also have to contend with her heart and I was quite pleased with the conclusion of this delightfully charming series. I can’t wait to see what exciting adventures awaits Callie and her friends.

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